09 October 2010

custom made keychain & others 订做的吊饰 & 其他的 -- 3

if you also LoVe those handmade, I can remake for you.
You just need to state the number and email me or fill the order form. I'll email reply the total amount.

这里全是mm/dd订做的, 如果你也看中,我可以再做一个给你。你只要电邮或填写订购表格,告诉我你看中的号码,我会尽快回复你的。

1. Combo of Domo & Spongebob = = "

Can u still recognise them?? "IT IS COMBO OF DOMO + SPONGEBOB"

It is really awesome to hang at bag. Everyone pass by sure peep your bag for more than twice time.

tall about 15cm

2. Gloomy Bear 暴力熊

Gloomy bear in color of black still looks adorable. If u prefer pink color, I can remade for u.

3. spongebob 海绵宝宝

Little spongebob square keychain look so cheerful.

Spongebob backside got private message~~

3. Wedding couple 2

Actually, this lovely couple is remade. Slightly different from my previous handmade wedding couple.

4. Sweet candy bottle
Sweet candy bottle is purposely handmade for my best friend who came back to Malaysia after graduated in oversea.It is full my love and friendship. *hug*

5. Girl x 2

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