23 April 2011

custom made cupcake. 订做的cupcake 3

if you also LoVe those handmade, I can remake for you.
You just need to state the number and email me or fill the order form. I'll email reply the total amount.

这里全是 mm/dd订做的, 如果你也看中,我可以再做一个给你。你只要电邮或填写订购表格,告诉我你看中的号码,我点又回复你的。

1. custom made orange series
cupcake by Pang; hapi bday velyn.
Finally someone order orange series cupcake and let me have a chance to challenge it. I really satisfied with the mix of different orange. Love it much~~ Orange, yummy yummy..

2. Remade purple 3D cupcake by Venn with card (生日快乐).
This is second time to made order of purple 3D series. Purple symbolizes mystery.

3. custom made 3D cupcake by Venn with mickey n hapi bday Yin Ching Ng
Second boxes order by Venn. Thanks for your support~ ^^
Cupcake most color is in blue, and special requirement is at least 2 mickey mouses. See, I already made 3 different mickey~~ hope Yin Ching will like it.

4. custom made
cupcake by Blue Night - hapi bday HAO.
Black n red color match~~ Really a safe color match for guy~

5. custom made 18 pcs cupcake - hapi bday SENG; special requirement with chelsea logo. (red, blue, black)
Hey, I so scared I will fail to take this order as chelsea logo is a bit difficult as I need put all words at a small cupcake. I only dare to accept the order after the recipient satisfied with this little chelsea cupcake image.

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