31 January 2010

Handmade Valentine Gift~

Each February 14th, people around the world exchange the gifts of love. They send millions of greeting cards, flowers, chocolates and other lovely gifts..

Valentines Day gifts are difficult to choose on a yearly basis.
If you still can't think of any special, you can custom made a special felt cupcake and chocolate.
Those cupcake and chocolate can last forever like your love to her/him~~

What you waiting for.. please made your order now by filing up the order form or email to cutediy@hotmail.com

c009 : Chocolate cupcake - RM19

c010 : LOVE YOU cupcake - RM23
Type A

Type B

c014 : Colorful cupcake - RM23

warning: Those cup cakes are not a real cup cake, made up with felt (non woven fabric)!! It only looks kinda real, but not too real!!! (Can't eat one~~) So can last FOREVER!!

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