28 May 2010

DIY Frame style House / DIY 相框式小屋

SAMPLE OF DIY Frame style House / DIY 相框式小屋 样本 

This is Magic World set of  DIY Frame style House that I made for friend as a birthday present~~ I use i-clay made  a rabbit witch to add into my house to made it more adorable~~

As a suggestion, u can add in your creative to special your DIY Frame style House. ^____^

做了魔法世界的DIY相框式小屋作为朋友的生日礼物〜〜 我用的粘土做了一个巫婆兔子娃娃,以添加到我的相框小屋〜〜 是否让我的屋子更出色了。。

小小的建议, 你可以添加你的创意使你的相框小屋更为特别和独特。 ^____^



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