17 April 2010

custom made keychain & others 订做的吊饰 & 其他的 -- 1

if you also LoVe those handmade, I can remake for you.
You just need to state the number and email me or fill the order form. I'll email reply the total amount.

这里全是mm/dd订做的, 如果你也看中,我可以再做一个给你。你只要电邮或填写订购表格,告诉我你看中的号码,我会尽快回复你的。

11. Fuei Loo order - 4 face keychain~ & her friends initial name at behind.
(** if you like this, I can custom made the face expression that you like..)
可以定做你喜爱的表情 ~

10. Sze Hui order - boy, girl, love & key keychain~

9. Sze Hui custom made water drop, keyboard, superman "S" & fish

8. for friends - wish her gambatea in exam
可以再做一个来帮你的好友加油~ gambateh!!!

7. Custom made wedding couple for Cherry

6. Custom made for Suet Er

5. Pei Yin: custom made 4 season key chain

4. Carey: custom made order volleyball guy keychain

3. Alice:
custom made order the Doreamon's keychain

2. Shinge: custom made order for PORING keychain n pillow

1. princ3s $_N@nAko :
custom made order H006::3D dog dog (black n dark pink)

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